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Units to let

With over 25 individual units available to let there is always change here at Cobblestone Walk. Whether it be a business moving out onto the high street (we have seen at least 7 businesses leave our shopping village to become High Street shops in Steyning!) or a change of business direction, we are always actively looking for the next big thing to join us here at Cobblestone Walk!
The best way to start your journey here is to fill out the form below!

Units Start at £175.00 PCM

Eddie will then contact you to arrange a veiwing of available units. To find out fill out the form below or call 07548567822.

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Linda Brough

Flicker Rose

It worked for me...

“I came here a few years ago with my dad, just before he died, so I initially rented a little chalet to give me something to do and to remind me of him.

Over the last three years, we’ve moved from the smallest chalet at the back of the courtyard to the very front of the arcade and yet I still do this part-time.

I’m hoping to retire in a few years’ time and just run the shop, but in the meantime, I love the fact that I have several staff who really benefit from having part-time work in the shop. It’s quite an achievement for us.”